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Lets face it – the art of wig making did not actually start with baldness. (Wigs were extensively used by European and Colonial America, mainly for fashion, status etc). Wig making at that time stressed on being artistic and expensive materials. But the growth of urban life and issues with baldness,
What is a Men’s Wig? If you are looking for hair systems, we have a separate article on Hair Systems, Hair Weaving and Hair Bonding For centuries, wigs have been a solution for great looks. Used not only for baldness, wigs found their uses for fashion, as a status symbol (Judges
If you are looking for information on partial wigs or toupees, we have a different article on hair systems, hair weaving and hair bonding. A wig is simply defined as a hair piece that is attached to give an enhanced look or to compensate for thinning hair. There are several
With our amazing Invisifront® technology, your new hair from Hair Shoppe cannot be detected even when someone touches your hair. Your new hairpiece is permanently fixed to your scalp and allows you to go jogging, biking, color your hair, take a shower, play any kind of sports and Enjoy your Life. Feel
Non surgical hair replacement is an exciting option for those that suffer with heavy alopecia and wish to regain the appearance of having a full mop of hair without surgery. While there are some stupendously natural hairpieces being made today, most baldness buyers have no idea what to go looking

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