If you are looking for information on partial wigs or toupees, we have a different article on hair systems, hair weaving and hair bonding.

A wig is simply defined as a hair piece that is attached to give an enhanced look or to compensate for thinning hair.
There are several things to watch out when buying a wig:

Types of Usage: Before buying a wig, it is necessary to ascertain how you are going to use it. A wig can be bought for several reasons; such as party wear (short term usage), to cover thin hair or balding head (maximum usage) etc.

A Short Hair Wig

A Short Hair Wig

Ascertaining the usage allows you to choose the right kind of wigs for yourself and save on money. A good choice of wigs gives us the greatest satisfaction and enhances confidence.

Synthetic or Human: Wigs can be of both synthetic and human hair.

Synthetic hair wigs, although cheaper, has a restriction on styling (limited hair styles) and cannot be easily washed or coloured. A party wig can be a synthetic as they are very cheap and one can buy several wigs of different styles.

Human Hair wigs, are usually more comfortable and ideal for long usage. Also they can be more easily styled, washed and coloured.

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A Human Hair Wig is more natural looking but expensive

A Human Hair Wig is more natural looking but expensive

A Synthetic Hair Wig is cheaper, but cannot be coloured easily

A Synthetic Hair Wig is cheaper, but cannot be coloured easily

Monofilament (weft back) or Handtied Wigs: These two varieties differs in the wig cap types and also the way the hair is put to the wig.

handtiedMono filament (wefted back) wigs have a hand knotted layer in the front only. This gives a natural look and allow flexibility of partitions. The rest of the wigs has hair attached in wefts. This is usually more comfortable as more than 60% of the wig is wefted and hence more airy.

Hand tied wigs are fully hand knotted. This type of wigs are usually preferred for more durability or shorter hair.


Quality of hair: The maximum part of the wig is hair. Hence higher the quality of hair and the better the wig would look. Unlike the usual presumption, there is nothing like cheap and best!

Once you have ascertained your usage, and the type of wig required (Synthetic or Human, Wefted back or Handtied), it is convenient to spend time to draw out a balance between your budget and quality.
In-case of human hair wig, the hair can be remy hair (unprocessed but good quality) and non-remy hair. A good wig will have the least tangle and more smoothness in the hair.

If possible, ask for trying out the wig before you buy it. Check for comfort, easy of combing and style.
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