Lets face it – the art of wig making did not actually start with baldness. (Wigs were extensively used by European and Colonial America, mainly for fashion, status etc). Wig making at that time stressed on being artistic and expensive materials.

But the growth of urban life and issues with baldness, showed the birth of modern hair pieces, called the hair systems. Unlike the trendy fashionable ones, modern hair systems takes pride in being undetectable, more natural looking, comfort and ease of use.

The InvisiFront(TM) system

A modern hair system created with the InvisiFront(R) technology.

Most people suffer from a baldness trend known as Male Pattern Baldness, in which hair is usually lost from top area upto the crown, with good hair remaining on sides and back. Wigs were not a perfect solution in such cases. Hence, came the partial hair pieces called toupee or hair weaving and hair bonding.

Sketch of normal Male Baldness showing area to be covered by hairsystems

Sketch of normal Male Baldness showing area to be covered by hair systems

It is a partial piece, covering only the affected area (of baldness). Designing this partial piece needs a professional. It needs to be Custom made, taking into account the

  • scalp curvature – the bald area of our head is curved and so the toupee needs to match the curve exactly. An error here would make the hair piece unstable and uneven bubbles at different areas.
  • hair density – since we are covering only the affected area, the hair density should be matching exactly with the density of the surrounding hair.
  • The hair direction – This is a important factor, as the hair put in the toupee should be in directions that is unique to the hairstyle preferred.
    At HairShoppe®, not only do we take into consideration the style that match the surrounding hair density, we also would recommend hairstyles and even give a demonstration to the client ‘before he places the order’.
  • hair color – this should match the color of the hair on the sides and back. However, we can go a step further, and can a color combination unique to the requirement of the client. For example, a client might prefer slightly grey hair on the sides and lesser or completely black hair on the front. This is done with care to portray a natural blending.
  • choice of materials – the selection of the material of the base of the hair piece would depend a lot on the client’s general usage (discussed in consultation), the preferred end result. This is discussed elaborately and selected with our expertise.
  • the final hair cut – the style matters most and is often the summation of all the previous mention factors. The final hair style is done by a specialist in this field, who is able to create a look that goes with the face and lifestyle of the client.

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How the hair is fixed?

The hair system once made, is fixed on the area of baldness either temporarily or a long term manner.
Hair Bonding is the common name given to all cases of temporary fixing, where the client is able to take off and put on the hair system frequently at home. A range of fixing products like clips, day wear tapes, week wear tapes is used. Although hair bonding is a flexible way of fixing a hair system, it is not very stable as one is advised to go for any head impact sports (like football, volleyball etc).
Hair Weaving is a more long term fixing, and needs to be done professionally by a technician. It cannot be taken out easily at home, and is very stable. This is suitable is the client does not want to regularly refix the hair system at home. However, in some cases, hair weaving might not be suitable, such as a client who would want to have a head massage frequently or is undergoing some treatments on scalp.

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