What is a Men’s Wig?

If you are looking for hair systems, we have a separate article on Hair Systems, Hair Weaving and Hair Bonding

For centuries, wigs have been a solution for great looks. Used not only for baldness, wigs found their uses for fashion, as a status symbol (Judges wigs), even for social occasions. Infact in Eighteenth century in Colonial America, men used more wigs than women.
With the passage of time and birth of new technologies, modern day wigs are have become so natural looking that they are undetectable even on a closer look and touch.

A hair system as accurate as natural hair

We at HairShoppe® take pride in keeping the best of men’s wigs that are not only undetectable, but also easier to maintain, comb, colour and allows you to move on your life with ease and comfort. For advice you may Contact Us or Request a Callback.

What is a Toupee?

Most cases of men’s baldness is partial baldness – also knows as Male Pattern Baldness. Here the hair usually sheds from the front upto the crown area, while the area around the sides and back have full density of hair.
If you are suffering from such a baldness, you may choose to purchase a toupee, also known as hair system/ hair replacement/ hair bonding etc.

Technically a Toupee is a partial hair system which covers only the area of baldness, and merges well with the natural hair on sides and back, giving a more natural look.
(Wigs, on the other hand, are full caps of hair). This requires a professional to study the bald area, and design a hair system that suits your style.

A Hairpiece with Invisifront (TM) technology

A Hairpiece with natural and invisible frontline

At HairShoppe®, we believe in custom designing your hair system. Our technicians would take into several factors like shape of the scalp, the texture and color of the natural hair (on sides and back), the direction of hair, area of baldness and even the style that goes best with your face and lifestyle.

To talk to a consultant, simply Request a Callback and we would be glad to help you out.

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