Temporary baldness are usually caused by an ailment and can be usually cured if the correct treatment is applied.

Baldness and going bald is something many men have to adapt to as they grow older. However, there are a considerable number of sicknesses and conditions that may cause baldness. By treating the ailment baldness can be reversed.

Sicknesses and conditions that may cause male baldness include :

  • High temperature connected with illnesses or influenza.
  • Thyroid and pituitary issues
  • Some therapies ; radiotherapy, side-effects of medicines such as interferon, chemical treatment and steroids may all cause baldness.
  • Stress
  • Mental issues like trichotillomania where some of the people pull out their hair
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals such as thallium acetate
  • Fungal illnesses of the scalp
  • Ringworm
  • Burns
  • Alpaca Areata Universalis, where the entire body is influenced, or totalis where all of the scalp becomes bald.

If the baldness is due to illness there are typically other symptoms that go with alopecia. If you think your alopecia might be due to illness go examine it with your health practitioner.

Causes such as diet, medications, hormones, pregnancy, improper hair care and certain diseases can cause temporary baldness. Once the underlying cause is found and treated, the hair may grow back.

However there is no cure for Common baldness which is more of a permanent nature (often the reason for which would be genetics).

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